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Stacy Jagger and family farmhouse kitchen table



Known to her community as a licensed marriage and family therapist, inspirational speaker, author and transformational executive coach, Dr. Stacy Jagger's brand of therapy and family coaching have helped thousands of people looking to reconnect with their children and families. The key, she says, is to disconnect from screens in order to connect with one another.

- Franklin Lifestyle Magazine (p. 92-94)

About Stacy Jagger

Dr. Stacy Jagger is a woman with a calling. That calling can be summarized in three words: Helping Families Heal. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and transformational executive coach, she does this every day. Whether one-on-one with a young child or treating the whole family, her goal is to help individuals reconnect with each other and overcome debilitating challenges. 

Her specialty is dealing with families in crisis — those whose deep personal wounds cannot and will not heal without the kind of skillful guidance she offers. Using a combination of her academic training, along with techniques she developed through years of processing her own troubled childhood, she mastered what it takes to overcome severe trauma. She helps families heal and, using her own Mountain Method™, she can accomplish in months what traditionally takes years. She’s a miracle worker who brings individuals back from the brink of suicide, divorce, and technological isolation on a daily basis. Using the Mountain Method, she restores hope and heals families when all else has failed.

Dr. Stacy Jagger at Sunnybrook Farmhouse Retreat Center

“Stacy Jagger has changed my life. Not only did she push me to be the best version of myself, she gave me the tools to get there. I would recommend Stacy and her transformational executive coaching to anyone that is ready to heal and level up. She is a game changer.”

Dr. Stacy Jagger family outdoors

Stacy Jagger?

Dr. Stacy Jagger is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor (RPT-S), and an AAMFT Approved Supervisor with her Doctorate in Ministry. 


But she’s not just a book-trained therapist, as her story attests. She is a speaker, author, transformational executive coach, mentor, visionary, and inspiring force upon others. She’s the founder of Music City Family Therapy and the inventor of the Mountain Method, her proprietary treatment protocol for working with the whole family when the primary concern is their children’s well-being.


She regularly appears on Nashville’s WSMV and WKRN television stations to advocate for families and children. She is a warrior in the fight to protect children from the dangers of technology and the Internet, and wrote the book “30 Day Blackout: How to help your kids turn off the screen and turn to their family.” She established the non-profit organization, Advocate for the Creative Child, which encourages and pays for underprivileged children to discover their inner strengths through art, music, and dance and also underwrites counseling services for traumatized children. In addition to hosting the Inspiring Families Podcast, she regularly appears on other podcasts discussing child and family issues. 


She is wife to Ron Jagger and the mother of four wonderful children, whose theatrical, sports, and music endeavors fill her calendar with activity, joy, and excitement. And from her childhood, Stacy loves to dance.

“I was at a place in my life where I had to start over completely. I had no idea where to even begin. Stacy was able to look through the mess and help me make sense of things again. She saw my strengths and drew them out, which gave me so much confidence to step out into a new career and show up as a stronger human in every aspect of my life. I highly recommend Stacy and her transformational executive coaching methods.”


Stacy coaches and counsels families and individuals not only in Nashville, but all over the United States. Hurting people come to her to help resolve their insurmountable issues—both present and past. Through one-on-one coaching and counseling sessions, both individually and collectively, and marriage and family intensive retreats, she brings people back together when they have given up hope. As an inspirational speaker, she conducts workshops with churches and corporations and offers hope to those facing challenging situations.


To be blunt, she’s good at bossing around high-powered corporate executives and billionaires and then can turn around and make hurting children laugh. That’s why they call her Dr. Sassy.

Dr. Stacy Jagger hair flip

I am a corporate leader, and the skills that Stacy taught me not only benefit me, but my colleagues and teams as well. Stacy is a force multiplier. As my executive coach, she has become a trusted resource. 

What does Stacy Jagger offer?

- Transformational Executive Coaching

  • Personal Coaching

  • Corporate Coaching

  • Intensives

- Inspirational Speaking

  • Corporate

  • Churches

- Books

- Courses and products for the family

- Advocate for the Creative Child

  • Donor-funded services for underprivileged and traumatized children

- Mountain Method Training

  • Treatment protocol for working with the whole family on the child’s behalf

- Music City Family Therapy

  • Tennessee-based therapy practice for children and families

- Little House at Sunnybrook Farm

  • A retreat and event center that feels like home, hosted in an 1870s farmhouse.

Stacy’s thoughtful questions, empathetic responses, wise insight and practical suggestions helped me process years of wandering and transformed both me and my marriage. Today, I feel as though an enormous weight has been lifted, and for the first time in my life, I feel empowered to create the life I want to live. My business has grown beyond my imagination. Every human needs (and deserves) a coach like Stacy.”

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